Music, Lyrics and Arrangements by Sara Gee & Ramblin' Matt



Time runs very fast when I feel good
Tears turn into diamonds when I cry them for you
My bed is a like a boat drifting in the sea
Following the stars searching for you

I think I'm gonna keep floating on the waves
And see where I end up at
Maybe you're somewhere waiting for me
On an island with a chest under a palm tree

Alarm clock just rung it's time to wake up
I find myself dreaming with the deep blue sea
With my sheet as a flag of a pirate boat
And my pillow between my legs dripping form you

Alarm clock just rung my dream is over
It's hard to open my eyes
I wish I was a pirate with a patch in my eye
Or I wish that I was just blind

Then I'll see you everywhere I go
Now I know why they say love is blind
You know you're the captain of the boat of my dreams
On an island with a chest under a palm tree


from 15 Lucky Shots: The Originals Collection (LP 2017), released February 14, 2017
SARA GEE: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
RAMBLIN MATT: Lead Guitars, Bass, Percussion, DrumBox




Sara Gee & Ramblin Matt Dénia, Spain

The old Delta Blues, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Memphis Minnie, the C&W of Hank Williams Sr, Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, and old Memphis Sun Rockabilly are the cement that consolidates our union, we write our material inspired by all of them and more.

Sara Gee - Songwriting, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Ramblin Matt - Songwriting, Arrangements, Guitar, Dobro, Bass, Vocals
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