Previously Unreleased Track.
Music, Lyrics and Arrangements by Sara Gee & Ramblin' Matt



Things have changed, there´s so much to do
or are you gonna wait for the Lord to change the world?
The same Lord that let us kill each other
and the one who let our children drown

Give me your hand and let me feel your power
or are you gonna wait for someone else to do your job?
It´s time to stand up, go to figth for what is yours
we have time, we are togheter, and we are more

Stop telling us how we have to live
Stop telling us when we have to cry
Stop telling us what we have to eat
Stop telling us how we have to die

Imagine there´s no countries, imagine there´s no pain
no hunger, no liers, no one to steal our bread
This world is full of cheaters, and you all know who you are
and i tell you one thing for sure, none of you will touch the sky

And we don´t need no Jesus, no Buddah, or Allah
what we need to change the world is to trust what we have inside


from 15 Lucky Shots: The Originals Collection (LP 2017), released February 14, 2017
SARA GEE: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
RAMBLIN’ MATT: Lead Guitars, Bass, Piano, Drum Box. Backing Vocals




Sara Gee & Ramblin Matt Dénia, Spain

The old Delta Blues, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Memphis Minnie, the C&W of Hank Williams Sr, Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, and old Memphis Sun Rockabilly are the cement that consolidates our union, we write our material inspired by all of them and more.

Sara Gee - Songwriting, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Ramblin Matt - Songwriting, Arrangements, Guitar, Dobro, Bass, Vocals
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